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Early on in our development we decided to describe the customer facing part of our platform as The iPad Survey App and not “The iPad Questionnaire App” or other variations. Here’s how that happened.

Naming is important. Perhaps too often we see products, services and even companies with poorly given names. I think this is especially true with tech startups. You get a fun idea and you start developing it right away. But you need a name for the project and you need it fast. So you call it something geeky or silly. A little later, your project has matured (to your great surprise!) and your hastily chosen name isn’t doing you a good service anymore. But changing the name can be very painful. Hopefully, we’re not going to have to do that at Caretotell.


iPad Questionnaire App – Big Data to the rescue

Caretotell is our company name. We really like it. It’s simple, short and clear. We’re all about getting people to know each other better. Why? Because by knowing each other better, we can better serve each other.

We like descriptive names. Names that when first read, you get some idea of the purpose of the service or product. When talking about our iPad front end, we wanted to be fairly consistent. So the question came up, should we refer to it as the iPad Questionnaire App or something else? The answer may be more obvious for many of you. Why consider “questionnaire” at all you may ask. Perhaps its my schooling with British English from growing up in Norway that is to blame.

There are incredibly powerful tools available to figure out what would be the most commonly used word to describe the function of our app. We looked at Google Trends, Google Keyword Tool, and Twitter analytics to get our hands on evidence of real world usage from “big data”.

Keyword Competition Global Monthly Searches Local Monthly Searches
questionnaire Low 4,090,000 1,000,000
survey Low 11,100,000 4,090,000

iPad Questionnaire App would clearly be the lesser used term according to Google Keyword Tool. You can also notice that “questionnaire” is slightly less used here in the US compared to the rest of world.

iPad Questionnaire App - Google Trends 1

Above you see the results from Google Trends (“survey” vs. “questionnaire“). The two lines represent usage of the two words relative to each other over time from 2005 till today, with “100″ on the y-axis being peak frequency. Please ignore the letters :)

Google Trends - iPad Questionnaire App

Interesting to see the the correlation between “questionnaire” (red) and remnants of the British Empire.


The final nail in the coffin for “iPad Questionnaire App” – Data from Twitter

Finally we connected with the Stream API from Twitter to grab all tweets using the hashtags #questionnaire and #survey (including a host of other related keywords and hashtags). For two months we collected this data and the results were even more contrasting than the data from Google. The #survey hashtag was used 42 times more often than #questionnaire!

Keyword Frequency
#survey 32,714
#questionnaire 757


In harmony with keeping things simple, we should call products and services for what they are, using the common language of our time. iPad Survey App it is :)




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